Where we’ve been

Duncan Ross was initially formed in 1960 to provide the farming communities of the North West of England with agricultural land drainage services. During these early years, our services were concerned with the improved regulation and control of groundwater within arable soils to allow increased agricultural production and bring about improvements in crop yields.

We remain heavily involved in agricultural land drainage to this day, and now have a national remit and undertake work throughout the UK and the Isle of Man. During the last 50 years, we have built up an unrivalled wealth of experience in serving the land drainage needs of this key market sector.

Who we are

Our business is concerned with engineering solutions to maximise the potential of sportsturf, greenspace and other land assets in an environmentally responsible, cost effective and sustainable manner.

As a result of our uncompromising business and work ethic, repeat business constitutes a large part of our annual order book, and we are very proud of the fact that we enjoy long-lasting, close relationships with a large number of our clients throughout the UK.

Our experience in the field of turf management and maintenance, plus our unrivalled skills in drainage projects, guarantee excellent results. Effective planning and project management ensure that our projects are delivered on time, within budget and to quality standards that delight our clients.

Where we’re heading

At Duncan Ross Ltd we have articulated our vision in order to summarise our business ethos and to serve as a reminder for everyone within our organisation why we are so passionate about what we do and why we hold such an uncompromising position on quality and value of service.

As such, our vision is the backdrop against which we evaluate every decision we make and every action we take, whether they be concerned with a day-to-day project task or a long term strategic investment.

It underpins everything we do: ‘Our vision is to be the first-choice supplier of sportsturf, land drainage and greenspace services for all project stakeholders’.

Our Values

At Duncan Ross Ltd, we are committed to the highest standards of performance across all aspects of our business. Our values expressed here merely articulate the manner in which we approach business. They define how we think and how we act on a day-to-day basis and are reflective of how we approach business planning and decision making.

Our Values Excellence


Excellence is something we strive for in everything we do; not only in terms of the services we deliver but also in terms of our methods, attitudes, behaviours and performance.

Our Values Integrity


No compromise on promises, openness, trust, propriety or fairness.

Our Values Teamwork


Recognising that through teamwork, collaboration and the building of supportive relationships we can excel for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Our Values Respect


In performing our obligations we show the highest respect for the environment, the people, and the communities we interact with.

You can tell there’s a significant difference when you step off the playing surface and it’s quite boggy and soft, but when you step back on to the surface it’s firm, so there’s a marked difference in the areas that Duncan Ross Ltd have worked on.

Timperley Sports Club: Colin Taylor – Club Manager

Our Strengths

We believe that our strengths are what give us a competitive advantage in our chosen markets and ensure that all of our clients obtain the very best value from their projects, whether new build, renovation or maintenance.

Customer Focus

Our Customer Focus

We are passionate about delivering their requirements as an absolute minimum and are consistently striving to go the extra mile in order to exceed their expectations.

Our People

Our people are courteous, motivated and committed to our vision and values; they take great pride in their work and take full ownership of their individual and collective outputs to ensure that the services we deliver are provided to the very highest standards.

Our Experience

With knowledge acquired and passed on from a trading background spanning more than 50 years we have amassed a wealth of experience to draw upon in ensuring that our clients receive the most appropriate and best value responses to their requirements.

Our Business Investment

We invest heavily in our business year on year, not only in terms of our plant and machinery but also in terms of our processes, systems, training and development, health and safety, research and innovation. This investment enhances our capabilities, ensures we keep pace with technological advancements in equipment and products and improves our operating efficiencies.

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