Corporate Responsibilities

Our five elements to Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility is about ensuring that we do right by our customers, our stakeholders and our people, together with the environment and the communities with which we interact.

For us, our approach to Corporate Responsibility is not about being seen to do the right thing; it is about sustaining the value that it brings to our business – a value not necessarily listed on our balance sheet but one that is represented in the goodwill and the reputation that goes before us.

Heath and Safety

Health & Safety

Aiming to ensure the wellbeing of everyone impacted by our works

We are totally committed to health and safety and provide the necessary leadership and resources required to maintain, so far as is reasonably practicable, a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and safe sites for visitors, the public and, where applicable, other contractors.

Responsibilities Environment


Factoring the value of our environment into our business decisions

We are aware that the performance of our business activity can have potential to both directly and indirectly impact upon the environment. We are therefore committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner so as to minimise those impacts and thereby secure as far as is reasonably possible the protection and enhancement of the environment consistent with our recognised duties and resource capacity.

Responsibilities Quality


Pursuing unconditional customer satisfaction at all times

We attach utmost importance to the quality of service that we provide to our customers and we are resolute about our Policy Commitment to provide defect free, quality services on time and within budget, achieving unconditional customer satisfaction at all times. We will aim to achieve this Policy through the adoption and pursuit of a number of guiding principles in our management of the Company’s activities.

Fist Bump

People & Equality

Recruiting, training, engaging and retaining the best people

We believe that our success is inextricably linked with the quality, skill, commitment and passion of our people. The investment that we make in our workforce is designed to ensure that our people possess the appropriate underpinning knowledge and skills, and ensure they are fully engaged in our commitment to delivering total quality and satisfaction across every facet of our service portfolio. We also believe that equal opportunity is fundamental to the successful achievement of our business goals. As a result, our people centred management approach produces tangible business benefits that we are able to pass on to our customers.

Responsibilities Community


Supporting local communities by doing our best every day

At Duncan Ross Ltd we consider ourselves to hold a privileged position in that much of our day-to-day business output has a direct and positive impact on community life. And our business outputs provide tangible benefits for our community stakeholders. Our recognition of this point is an additional factor that drives our business commitment and passion for what we do. Supporting local communities by doing our best every day is also mutually beneficial; it therefore makes great common sense as well as great business sense.

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