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Agricultural Services

Agricultural Services

What we can offer

Our wealth of experience acquired over 50 years of dedicated service to resolving agricultural land drainage issues ensures that we understand the needs and priorities of our agricultural clients and provide them with successful solutions to their land drainage problems.

Agricultural service areas

Not every field requires a complete new piped drainage installation. Often, where fields have existing piped drains these have simply become less effective over time, either through capping, lack of consideration of subsoil properties and infiltration rates, or simply due to our changing weather patterns.

We factor these issues into our surveys and by spending a small amount of time on adequate investigation can often save our clients significant sums through reduced cost solutions to field drainage problems.

Agricultural Processes

Piped drainage systems

Precision installation of gravitational piped systems into new or existing main drains and water courses.

Pumped drainage systems

Precision installation of automatic and float pumped drainage systems.

Supplementary drainage

Installation supplementary or additional lateral drains to existing schemes.

Drain jetting

The use of high pressure water jets to clear any blockages in both land and surface drains.

Contaminated backfill replacement

To remove compacted fill or heavy soil covering existing drains and replace with more permeable material.

Ditch construction

Formation of flood, rain and V-ditches and storm and flood drains to control the flow of the collection, direction and flow of water from area to area.

Ditch maintenance

Rectification of possible submerged drain outfalls, water diversion, stagnant water and build-up of silt and debris.

Mine subsidence drainage

Installation of additional drainage channels or raising the of height of river embankments to prevent flooding from any subsidence caused my mining.

Pre & post construction pipeline drainage

Installation of additional drainage to disperse of surface water created from any deep ground compaction or un-natural soil structure.

Subsoiling & earth quaking

To loosen and break up the underlying soil structure to aerate and diffuse compaction.

Client List

   Huntapac, Marsh Farm

   J N Webster Ltd

   F A Ollerton & Sons

   Brian’s Salads Ltd

   Wright Farm Produce

   Hargreaves Hamilton

   E N Coxhead Ltd

   Flavour Fresh Salads

   Turfland Farms Ltd

   G B Crook

   Mawdsley Bros. Farm Ltd

   S & B Lawrenson

   J Golding

   Paul Martland

   Mr Vic Fitzel

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We pride ourselves on our quality of service, and our experienced, skilled work-force that provides an efficient and economical solution to any type of land drainage project, working with our Agricultural clients to ensure minimal disruption to farming activities and work schedules.

Duncan Ross: Managing Director

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