Conservation & Environmental

Conservation & Environmental

Conservation & Environmental

What we can offer

We are committed to securing the protection and enhancement of the environment – whether creating new habitats to enhance or restore lost biodiversity to an area, or carrying out environmental or conservational remedial work.

With circa 90% of wetland habitat lost in the UK since Roman times, we are acutely aware of the opposing requirements between some of our other business operations and the increasing necessity for wetland conservation. We are therefore committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner and to the objective of mitigating, minimising or otherwise offsetting the associated impacts as far as is reasonably possible in the interest of protecting and enhancing the environment.

Conservation & Environmental service areas

Our service capabilities have been developed to include design and implementation of environmental conservation services.

Wetland Habitats

Marshes and Reed Beds

Natural Irrigation Schemes

Water Control and Ground Moisture Regulation

Floating Islands

Biodiversity Schemes

Scrub Clearance

Ditch Damming

Conservation & Environmental Processes

Working alongside environmental and heritage organisations such as Natural England and DEFRA, we are engaged in re-introducing irrigation into areas where previous man-made drainage systems have removed natural wetland environments. Our service capabilities are supported by our knowledge and skills in the following areas.

Tree-scrub & removal

Clearance and removal of unwanted trees, plants, hedges or tree stumps.

Construction of dams in drainage ditches

Design and creation of sizable dams to restrict or slow down water flow.

Existing drainage interruption & sealing

To investigate, locate, seal off or divert any existing drainage systems.


Groundwork aspects include; foundations, drainage, fencing, excavations, site clearance and general groundwork.

Use of reclaimed materials

To reprocess previously used materials for new projects to create authenticity and remain original.

Client List

   The Woodland Trust

   Danes Moss Nature Reserve

   Duddon Moss Nature Reserve

   Langcliff Cross Meadow

   Natural England

   Lancashire County Council

   Eden Council

   Southport & Ainsdale Golf Club

   Wigan Council

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If you would like to view more of our projects for Conservation & Environmental, please feel free to get in touch via email, telephone or using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Work is often carried out in environments extremely sensitive to interference. In areas where ground conditions are difficult, the habitats of the flora and fauna must take high priority and the planning associated in taking on such a project becomes extremely specialised.

Duncan Ross: Managing Director

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