Renovation & Aftercare

Renovation & Aftercare

Renovation & Aftercare

Renovation & Aftercare

What we can offer

Complementing our sportsturf construction and land drainage installation services, we offer a complete renovation and maintenance programme to ensure the continuing success of your surface and associated land drainage systems in the medium to long term. Our company philosophy is, therefore, to ensure that you receive the very best service throughout the full lifecycle of your natural sportsturf assets, not just from conception to completion of the original project, but well beyond into its maintenance, renovation and renewal.

Renovation & Aftercare service areas

We have a wealth of experience in the after care of all types of ground installations.


Golf Courses

Parks & Recreation Areas

Renovation & Aftercare Processes


A surface restoration process that removes unwanted vegetation e.g. poa, annua and weeds from the surface of sports pitches.


To remove thatch – an organic matter builds up at the surface of the soil. This needs to be removed to ensure a good playing surface for the following season.


To aerate the soil to assist drainage, improve the soil structure, aid thatch control and root development of the turf.

Hollow tining

Allows the compacted turf to expand and air and moisture to be more easily absorbed. Tining also removes accumulated fibre in the grass’s root zone.


Linear decompactor, designed to revitalise heavy wear areas by relieving soil compaction, improving aeration and removing surface water.

Top dressing

To increase in the organic matter in the soil which may also improve the soil structure, reduce moss growth and help to return nutrients removed from the surface during mowing.

Cultivation and overseeding

To remediate compacted soils, aid in overseeding and help manage thatch and to improve turf density.

Goal mouth and centre circle renovations

To create new level areas and regenerate grass growth via turf installation or seeding.


Selective weed control, total weed control, pest and disease control, fertiliser and iron application for any sportsturf and all weather surfaces.


Application of a variety spring/summer and autumn/winter pre seed fertilisers via tractor mounted or push spreader.


Application of a variety spring/summer and autumn/winter pre seed fertilisers via tractor mounted or push spreader.

Laser line marking

Using the latest laser guided line marking technology to mark out sports fields, football and rugby pitches and recreational areas.

Drain jetting

The use of high pressure water jets to clear any blockages in both land and surface drains.

Client List

  Stalybridge Football Club

   Chester Football Club

   Penrith Football Club

   Bolton RUFC

   Carlisle Football Club

   Timperley Cricket Club

   Carlisle Rugby Club

   Austin Friars Private School

   Wharfdale RUFC

   Cardinal Newman College

   Greenwich Leisure Ltd

   Club Rygbi Llanfni Rugby Club


   Wythenshawe Amateurs AFC

   St. Aidan’s C of E College

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It’s been a pleasure for people to come along to the ground and ask what’s been going on and I tell them we met a man called Duncan Ross. I’ve been in business myself for the last 50 years and I don’t think I’ve ever come across a more conscientious group of people regarding the quality of their work.

Penrith Football Club: Brian ‘Billy’ Williams – Chairman

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