August 20, 2019

Duncan Ross complete four-year project at Carlisle Golf Club

Duncan Ross sportsturf contractor has finished the last stage of a four-year drainage project on the fairways of Carlisle Golf Club.

The aim of head greenkeeper, Anthony Naisbitt, was to focus on the wettest areas of the course and systematically improve them, leading to fewer course closures and an improved playing surface for the members.

Anthony has been at the course for 28-years and wanted to build on the high standards that he has set himself, which meant improving a course that had hosted British Open Qualifiers on six separate occasions.

The success of the work can be directly translated into to the number of days the course was forced to close, with Anthony delighted with the dramatic drop since the work began four years ago.

He said: “For us the project has been a real success, we’d normally be shut between 30-40 days on average, but since implementing the changes we’ve got that down to 10-12 days a year, so it’s made a massive difference for us.

“The original plan was to target the wettest areas, and by improving those areas improve the course as a whole. By working closely with Duncan we’ve definitely achieved that, and I’m really pleased with how the whole project has gone.”

Carlisle Golf Club Drainage Work

The most recent part of the development took place in October this last year, with Duncan Ross installing lateral drainage on the 9th fairway, additions to the main drainage system, including extending the drainage system on the 7th fairway to enhance the flow of water.

The whole undertaking has been a qualified success, and Anthony is quick to point out the professionalism and execution of Duncan Ross and his team throughout the project.

“We are really pleased with how the work progressed and that is down to how Duncan Ross operates,” Anthony began.

“Duncan is very hands on and whenever we had an issue regarding the drainage he came up personally to make sure it was resolved.

“The whole team have been very professional from the off in terms of planning and execution. It has been a genuine pleasure to work with them, and we are already starting to plan the next stage with them.”